What is JOMO?


In our modern world, we're no stranger to the wide range of acronyms that have unsuspectingly creeped into our everyday vocabulary. While we’re sure you’ve all heard about FOMO - the fear of missing out, have you ever heard about JOMO? 

JOMO - the joy of missing out, is taking pleasure and contentment in missing out. In a reality where we’re constantly plugged into the lives of our friends, family and celebrities, JOMO celebrates the here and now. While the term was originally coined as early as 2012, JOMO has only recently gained more prominence and is more applicable now than ever in our increasingly complicated lives. 

Whether you're curled in bed with a good book, spending the day out in the bush or nothing at all, you need not think about what other people are doing or the things that you may potentially be missing out on. It's a new kind of mindfulness, and understanding the importance of balance in our increasingly busy lives and our dependency on screens and social media.

What are your favourite JOMO moments? Personally, we love "forgetting" our phones at home and going for a quick hike - now that's some serious R&R! 


Shacky Team