Designed for nature


Shacky's mission is to provide guests with a unique getaway experience that gets them going off grid and recharging from the daily grind. Designed to be an extension of the environment, we hope to provide guests with an authentic and immersive experience that gets them interacting more with the region, local culture, and its local flora and fauna.

It's an ambitious task but one we don't take lightly! As part and parcel of providing this experience, we're uncovering some of Australia's best hidden gems and placing people in the middle of them. We believe in non-invasive ways of tourism and think it's an incredibly important task to minimalise our carbon footprint.

Today we'd like to highlight how the design of our Shacky tiny houses work towards providing this experience without costing the environment or our conscience!  

We of course, could not have done all this without the help of our in-house architect Jan van Schaik of MvS Architects.



All wood used in the build of the Shacky is Australian timber that's been carefully sourced, while all furniture and furnishings were locally made from recycled timber. Lastly, the timber cladding we use is from sustainably grown plantation pine.


Solar panel  

Our Shacky's are completely powered by the sun with the help of a 250W solar panel. 


Composting toilet 

We use a certified composting toilet that's completely odourless and means we're able to reduce on both water usage and waste. 

Shacky Team