What really is off-the-grid?


Off-the-grid is getting thrown around a lot lately – we hear it all the time and it's certainly become part of main stream media. As we become more technologically dependent and more 'connected', we are spending increasingly less time interacting with the physical world around us. Where people once lived perfectly fine without a smart phone, we now live in an age where the absence of smart phones is near unthinkable. 

We can literally plug into any event in the world at any time, start a business empire with the click of a few buttons or meet a soul mate without leaving our lounge room. This ease has created a dependency which is now instilled from a young age. While it's true that these advancements in technology have made our lives a lot more convenient, it has also made it a whole lot complicated and stressful. The need to be constantly 'plugged in' have real life implications that can negatively impact you, while there have been numerous studies showing the benefits of digital detoxes or going off-grid. 

Many people have been living off the grid their entire lives for generations. For instance, farmers and rural people will quite often collect their own water, survive off solar panels and grow their own food. 

Off-the-grid comes from the literal meaning of being off the electrical grid and a separation from public utility services. While this still holds true, the use and meaning of this phrase has since changed significantly. Off-the-grid can now mean a quick weekend away or a few hours without answering emails. As long as what you do helps you achieve a healthy work-life balance, going off-the-grid can mean a multitude of things depending on each individual's schedule. 

Here at Shacky, we're strong believers in prioritising time to disconnect. With our increasingly busy lives, it's more important now than ever to make time to recharge. To be able to break away from the dependency of technology, and reconnect again with nature, yourself and the people around you. 

What's your definition of going off-the-grid?

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