Become a Host

Shacky's mission is to open up the Australian countryside to new visitors.  

We want to provide guests with the best getaway experience
through breathtaking landscapes they wouldn't have known were just around the corner.
In doing so, we're also able to give land owners a helping hand with alternative income.

If you've got a hidden gem of a property tucked away, we want to give it the proper treatment it deserves!

Why go with Shacky?



Installed in a single day, your dream tiny house is just a small step away.



An all facility inclusive unit packed into an elegantly designed wooden exterior.



We only use environmentally responsible materials and harvest all electricity from the sun.



Fully relocatable and small enough to fit anywhere - rolling hills, your bush-block or even a lovely spot by the coast.

How does it work?

We build the Shacky, install it on your property and take care of the bookings.
You change the sheets and welcome the guests.

The Shackys are owned by us, so there are no upfront fees to worry about, while rental income is split evenly!

Sound like a good deal? :)